Suggestions for a new TT - £600 to 700'ish

Hi, on the lookout for a new TT, to about the £700 mark. A slight preference for a bit of drive and dynamics as opposed to smooth and ultra refined.
Ideally the deck would come with a reasonable arm.
Any suggestions or offers (WHY) welcomed.

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I thought your Technics were the biz ? That would buy a lot of vinyls :grin:

I like the Technics decks, a lot, and I’ll be keeping an SL-7 and maybe an SL-10.
I’ve upgraded everything else recently, so thought I’d see what I can do with the turntable.

This is a bit over budget but a fantastic set up.

I’m not sure about the Funk stuff, tbh. Everything I have seen has a sort of cottage industry feel to it. A bit like the early PT stuff, which I owned a fair bit of.

It was thus in the early days. Nowadays QC seems fine. All the LSD decks I have encountered have been very well put together. A great fit and forget deck that puts a big smile on your face.

I paid £750 for my mint gyrodec (full plinth) with a rega 300 arm. A lot of deck for the money.

I’ve heard a few Gyro’s and they are fab decks, just a little smooth / lacking in drive for me. In fact that’s probably the deck I was thinking about when I said drive as opposed to smooth.

SP10 :smiley:


If only

They are around in budget, stick on a rega and away you go.

Been looking for a bit and they aren’t really around for my sort of money.
They are usually sorry examples that would cost as much again to sort :frowning:

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Thorens 135 or Garrard 401 if your patient

Not great at patient :slight_smile:

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Fair enough, mine was £800 in a plinth, figured there would be others, I’m sure @SAP7 had some luck finding some.

You might be right Ed but I haven’t seen a decent one in a while

I may be selling one of my sp10s and it wouldn’t be more than 700!
But you do need the plinth and arm.

May be other interest though… it can be done.

I do wonder what you will get for £700 including an arm that would be considered an upgrade :thinking:

You might be right Kevin, or it might have to be without an arm and a bit longer term ask.

I’d be interested to hear / see more Steve