Summer BBQ Saturday 15th July

we should be able to again Jim.

That barbecue food is not going to eat itself, count me in.

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Dean has this assigned to a macro on his keyboard.


I’m hoping to make it Jim. All dependent on last minute changes to my shifts as you know.

May I book a slot please Jim?
(Although now Dean is in there’ll be no grub left…)

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Yes please Jim

That’s 24 so far with 4 to confirm - nice one! :grinning:

Yes please Jim.

Esprcially if Jim is wearing the short. :slight_smile:

yes were Louise’s first words


Please Jim I’d like to attend…

:fearful: sarong???:cold_sweat: @Jim :scream:


Yes please Jim

Aaaaaargh! Need to bring the missus and kids to the airport that day…
Have to check how to drive…or take the plane myself…

Yes please Jim.

Rude not to. Yes please Jim.

I’m definitely in Jim, thanks.

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List updated :+1:

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Would’ve loved to come along mate, but i’m already double-booked for 15/7.
Ewan has a football tournament in the morning and we’re all at a friend’s BBQ in the afternoon/evening.
Have a good one!