Summer BBQ Saturday 15th July


Awwww…It’ll probably be raining in scouseland too


:fu: u :santa:


Unfortunately I can’t make this which is a real shame as it would have saved me having to eat until September the feasting & crack were excellent last time. I’ll have to wait until the next one. Have a great day.


No chance if Dean’s going to be there :grinning:


Jim has very knidly thrown out the invite. I’m at Rodrigo and Gabriela in Manchester Friday and staying overnight, which means massive full English Saturday, but I’ll still try to get there. Much people it would be good to see.


Well Rich, Manchester to London is 3-4 hours, which is pretty much how long it would take to digest a full English. So you should arrive here with an empty stomach - perfect! :laughing:


@Jim, I’ll bring a selection of locally produced chilli sauces, one hot one and two milder okay.


:+1: Nice one Jez - I’m sure the hot heads will enjoy (me included) :hot_pepper:


Something for the weekend Sirs.



I am really sorry about this, but a family matter means Louise and I are not going to be able to make it. We are really annoyed as it now means I have to be a taxi to some relatives - I knew I should never have bought a car with more than 2 seats !!!


Just thought I ask if anyone going has a decent pair of XLR interconnects they would be willing to loan me for a week or two that they could bring along.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Lets hope the weather is good to us :sunglasses:


I’ve got some you can borrow nick :+1:


I have a number of them. How long do you need?


Thanks guys. 1m should be fine. But if either of you also have a 1.5m+ pair that would be good.


I think I have a 1 and a 2.5.


That would be ideal Jim :+1:



How much Carolina Reaper did you put in it ?:fire:


Just the one. It has kick, but it’s not excessive.


Heard that one before :cry: