Summer BBQ Saturday 15th July


If you are what you eat, we truly are the meatmen.
Thanks for the hospitality, Jim, and the nuclear chilli, Pete.
Always great to see people.


Brilliant day, many thanks to Jim and family for hosting and loads of food, Pete for his culinary and electronic skills, and everyone there for the craic. BBQ and chilli yesterday plus massive breakfast this morning meant that I didn’t eat much at Rob’s today.


It looks like I missed another great day. :frowning:


Hope you’re feeling better mate.


Thanks. I’m still a bit under the weather but a lot better than yesterday.


You should have had some of Pete’s chilli.
It wouldn’t have made you any better but it sure as hell would have taken your mind off the illness…


Thanks Jim and all, good to catch up with some of the old crew, meet a few new faces and hear the latest iteration of Jim’s system if only briefly.

Bakeoffs have changed since I was last involved, they’ll be for comparing Mary Berry recipes before long, better reflecting the title of the thread I guess :hamburger:



A shame I missed you Dan. Hopefully you can still make it to mine next month.


The guys said you’d been Nick, sorry I missed you, very last minute. No go for yours I’m afraid, will be in Northumberland. Will PM about popping up to yours


Big thanks to Jim and family for excellent hospitality. Big thanks to Pete for his great BBQ skills. Plenty to eat and drink. I did have a good feed. Those lamb chops were delicious. So were the those hot dog sausages, and the kebabs, and the chicken, and the burgers, etc, etc.

Good to meet everyone for a relaxing afternoon and evening of banter and tomfoolery.

I was impressed with ChelseaDave’s new phono stage. A stunning piece of kit. Well done to Pete for building it. It suited Jim’s system well.

Must do it again soon.