Superlative Rolex watches (and WIS in denial)

Latest project watch, Custom Teribil Dial, vintage Russian pocket watch movement, custom strap made from an old ammo bag.


Now if someone could just find me a sensibly priced steel Daytona…

Very nice work. A bit Panerai

Very Panerai, seem popular so lots of cases that shape around to play with. The handy thing is they take pocket watch movements, so anything vaguely like a 6497 will fit. Pocket watches can often be had with swiss movements fairly cheap, under £100, fun to tinker with.


Looks top bollocks that :thumbsup:

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What’s that last one that’s lovely ?

I think I’m the only one on here that’s a useless cunt - makes me feel all inadequate so I’m away to do the one thing I am good at - drink.

Case and dial were off eBay, I changed the crown to one I had from another case, movement is an Arnex branded Swiss 6498 out of a really ugly pocket watch.

I’m really impressed.
Top one is a luminor and the bottom one radiomer.
Well, even it is home made :smiley:
Nice one.

That doesn’t look like a homemade watch - impressive stuff. Do you sell them ?

I like the last Panerai clone with the black face and brown strap.

Do you take orders :smirk:

I don’t really make anything, it’s just assembling, no real skill involved. You just have to look around for parts that work together, which dial will fit in what case etc.

Never thought about selling them, I’d probably be too worried about reliability etc, it’s still £2-300 that can easily go wrong.

And that’s the point.

You don’t make them but you have the knowledge to assemble them. I’d not have a clue what fitted in what.

Yeah, can be a bit of guess work now an then. The basic Swiss movement panerai clones are easy enough, it was much harder trying to use the Russian movement, I managed to break at least one, lucky they are cheap.

As an example, the main pocket watch movements used are the 6497 and 6498. The 6497 has the sub dial at 9 and the 6498 has the subdial at 6. The panerai clones use the 6497.

Movements can be had in a pocket watch like this:

This appears to be the Dial I used but in a different case:

I got my Panerai style cases here
Dials/hands off ebay, they range in quality.

Movements can be had new from about £200 for basic undecorated versions:

To £500 for highly modified versions:

There is a lot around, you can put together something quite nice for not silly money. If someone bought the parts Id be happy enough to stick it together.


I’d be interested in putting one together, pretty much like your custom jobbie in the first picture in the thread.

The website seems a bit broke right now, but that’s the 47mm MM68 case from

Its a 6152 style, people go mad with them, sourcing vintage rolex movements to use, custom dials, etc.

The Dial I had laser cut from a chap on a forum, not sure hes still around, but its basically one like this

Cant see any on ebay. You can always buy the whole watch from Jackson, I think its the MM13, and just bin the Chinese movement.

The 47mm is a big watch, I like big watches as most normal sized watches look teeny on my wrist.

Interesting thread this. Build your own watch…

After some thought I will give it a miss as my DIY skillz are abject. I am sure I can set my wrist alight without needing to shell out £300 quid to buy the bits to start the inferno…



That’s about the price of a Samsung smartwatch :+1:

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I always wear a watch when I’m out and about but my two everyday watches were nicked in the burglary last week.
When I’ve been out the last few days, I keep on looking at my empty wrist, doh! :roll_eyes:

Not sure what to buy - nothing too expensive, maybe a grand or so. Must be 42mm case or over cos of my fat wrists.

Also, can anyone recommend decent on-line watch shops?


I’d have a look for a secondhand Omega seamaster quartz, I got mine new for £925 about 18 years ago and have worn it pretty much everyday since. Tough as you like and a polish every 5 years or so as part of the service gets rid of any scratches.

One option is to get a fit-bit

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