Superlative Rolex watches (and WIS in denial)


I’ve asked if he wants to get a photo and if yes to send it to me.

Dom, this is the strap. He said it’s 14 karat.

You can’t always get what you want … :grinning:


And now perhaps one of the back of the watch and of the hallmark on the bracelet clasp, just for completeness, y’know.

Is it me, or is it Thick in here tonight?

He has different watches to use with it. It’s just the strap he doesn’t know about.

The hallmark will also give the year and the watch will have numbers on the back which might help tie the watch to the strap, I am sure Dom asked for this info for a reason.

And tell if it’s just a fancy bracelet made up by an jeweller or an omega item/made by an authorised maker. For example denisson made lots of omega watch cases and bracelets in 9ct gold for a period of time. It was when import tax on complete watches from Switzerland was really high so movement’s were sent over and cases made here then the watch was assembled. Well also that and the fact that no one else uses 9ct gold in the world for watch cases.

The photo of the back of the watch was to confirm if it had a steel or gold back. The gold colour of the head is different to the bracelet so either different era, fineness, or one is potentially plated.
If plated it will have a plain steel back if gold a gold colour back.

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Get him to send better pictures then :laughing:

The only marks it seems are on it.

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That’s all the details I can get.


Strap is jeweller made and nothing to do with Omega I’m afraid.

The head is nice enough, good condition dial, hands need reluming with a nice vintage colour so you don’t notice the missing bits.

Don’t know the model number without opening it, but it’s one of the solid case ones in which the armoured dome comes off the front. You then pull the crown out on it’s split stem, turn a washer and the movement comes out the front. No case back here. It was to reduce the seals and potential areas of water/dust ingress

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On the official Omega NATO which sells for £100 by itself. Good for this weather


Faultless combo. The anti-NATO police will be along in a minute…

I’m all about fishnet in this warm weather…


Thanks Dom, I’ll let him know. :+1:

No worries missed the pictures when I first responded :+1:t2:
He may be able to sell the bracelet for more than scrap, if it was me though I would scrap it and use the money to buy another watch :rofl:

That is not a NATO :face_vomiting:

Might not be, but definitely one of the nicest watches I’ve seen on the shit-watch thread

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Thank-you, Capt. Obvious, I never said it was. It is, however, cool, in all senses :sunglasses: