Surprisingly Good Cover Version



Pre appauling ‘Just good friends’ Paul Nicholas fancied himself as a muso releasing several records, one of which is a reasonable (and collectable) stab at a Ritchie Havens Run Shaker Life -


A nice version of Marlena Shaw’s woman of the ghetto


Pour Le Jazzour

Certainly my favorite version of the ‘Love theme from Spartacus’

Terry Callier laid his mellow on it too


Lydia Night from the Regrettes aged 12?, proper talent for that age.

Now, with the regrettes,



I like pianist Mick Bolton’s comments beneath.

This sounds even better when you know how it was made. I was Dexys’ pianist at the time. During a break from recording some of us were fooling around at the piano playing some old songs when Kevin came back into the studio. He said ‘do you know this?’ and started singing this song. We all joined in and at the end he said ‘OK let’s just do it!’ and we just did! - first take, unrehearsed. All the more remarkable as everything else we did was so meticulously arranged and rehearsed.

Hi, abigillygal - seems you didn’t believe me, but that’s how it happened. We ran through it once to learn the chord sequence and decided how to end it, but otherwise we all just played what we felt, including the way the whole band surges in as KR goes mental towards the end. I’m not making a big deal of it - most musicians could do that. I just posted my comment as I know that Dexys fans like to know all the details.


Ellen took an interesting take on Wevie Stonders Higher Ground
(If you like slide guitar you might like her? Ellen’s early LPs are solid)

I love her take on Blind Faith’s ‘Can’t find my way home’


Della Reese’s take on - It Was a Very Good Year

  • Excellent loud and a possible musical accompaniment for MR. MWS’s striptease routine at Lopwell.


Just noticed his comment on YouTube about a 7" of this session. More money gone!
Link for anyone interested:




This bloke does a cracking job in his lunch break;


For the Tailor


That is brilliant.



Guess we should also add this