Systemdek armboards

Total shot in the dark,but has anyone got a metal rectangle armboard for either rega or sme happy to buy either or both

Not going spare, but I could measure my Rega/Linn/Roksan type (single hole) up for you Stu. Maybe @edd9000 or @Spider could do you a nice CNC one in corian or something less resonant than the steel one?

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Thanks I have one but need 2 more

If @Rob998 can supply accurate dimensions, I’m happy to make (and send) you one using hardwood. No CNC, just hand-bashed, but it will work and be pretty close to the original :wink:


Thanks for offers

I’ll see if we have any material at work and get one rounded off on the mill at work

Maybe I should get a hardwood coriander and metal one made up

Corian fucking auto spell


Coriander is nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Stu
Happy to help if needed


Quick update,we have some bits of Tufnol at work,although they have some predrilled holes in,they should be fine as a temporary solution

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Ended up making an acrylic one as tufnol we had was to thick


Nice job :+1:

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what thickness is it ?


OK I was going to offer up corian offcut but it’s 12mm

Thanks but would be to thick for the arm raising it to much,the tufnol is the same thickness so just bought the acrylic off eBay

Arm now fitted


Looks good. Nice job :+1:

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Yes has come out well, need to buy another blank,will probably get just a Matt Black one

Can’t tell, is that grey one?

Yes called mineral grey has tiny flecks in it

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