Take the piss out of bumtell here

Rather than chip away at him all over the place, I thought we should have a dedicated thread :thumbsup:


I’m still wait for the Nadja cross over - He has been an ass over that


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This is outrageous bullying and I for one think we should have a lot more of this sort of thing on the site. We can always delete everything if that proves more entertaining anyway.

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Mark is lovely - it’s not his fault he comes from Bury.



Oi !, there are two of us on here from Bury and this evening I’m off to support the Shakers against the Trotters. We’re all lovely from Bury. :grinning:

So long as you stay there, we’re all happy.

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You can be so hurtful, I shall return and make you very unhappy. As an expression of intent, I still support Liverpool :laughing:

I like Mark a lot, so much so that I support him on his many cycling expeditions. I’m always there to help him up after a nasty fall caused by some naughty person throwing a stick in his spokes.

Is that a euphamism?

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It couldn’t possibly be bullying because he loves the attention soo much…

…I was thinking more of an appreciation of the delights of his lycra wearing, feline husbandry skills and his obsession with smearing his crotch with ointment :smirk:

Anyone thinking about Mark smearing his crotch with ointment needs counselling, and possibly sectioning. Care in the community is one thing, but there are limits.

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Any more mental images like that and you’re on an indefinite ban!


From you of all people. I would have expected you to be fapping yourself senseless in a corner over that.


It’s bumtell!

Since when the fuck did you start getting fussy?

I don’t want to catch teh dumb.


Who has kidnapped Penance and stolen his identity?

It’s me!

Even I have a limit, based on arse holes level mostly.