Tales from Uh-merica

Maybe the Deep State forced it upon him (and I assume it is a him).

Built in America I believe though.

Even worse. The great replacement theory in action.

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No, funnily enough every other Japanese maker has merican and Canadian factories, they’re still shipped from Japan

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Zackly. I rest my case.

Still can’t spell ‘Endeavour’, though.

That too.

Just scanning through the morning news cycle here in the US, many of you will be relieved to know that outside of the nutters on Fox there is palpable glee at Trumps situation. Many not even trying to hide it. Also, the good people of New York clearly utterly detest the Orange sex offender. Trump is demanding chaos in support of him, New Yorkers are outside Trump Tower in their thousands last night chanting “lock him up”! :joy::+1:t3:



OK, it’s time to end the failed experiment that is the United States, everyone go home and let the natives have their stuff back…


No no no!
We would get all the religious nut jobs who left these shores back again.
They got to America in the 18th Century and are still there with same beliefs

And they have guns.

Back in the mid-noughties I flew there with work and stopped off on the way home to visit my bro, who lives there. He and his brother in law, another Brit who also lives there, waited up all night for me after my flight was delayed. I got to their place right around dawn on July 4th. It was very, very quiet. I suggested we take them by surprise and steal the whole country back. The b-i-l said “We really wouldn’t want it”.


I went to the Greenham Common base for work in the 80s on July 4th.
The USAF security were obviously pissed off to be working
The place was dead, you couldn’t get a coffee or a donut anywhere.
July 4th would be a good day to invade the US.

Similar story. My brother and I went to an air show at Mildenhall on July 4th. My brothers birthday is July 4th. We were treated like royalty for the whole day.

Disappointed they don’t seem to be real :frowning:

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Do you remember what year?
My wife was heavily involved with the air shows, and special events.
We were always up in the VIP suite, where she had to help look after the visiting dignitaries.

Would have been early 80’s Gregg, best guess '83 / 84.

Just a bit before her time.
She worked at Bentwaters first, the Mildenhall about 1990? to 2012?

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Well we mustn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.