Taxi required Luton to the southwest

All, @MJ2 has a turntable I need to get down here somewhere
It’s a bit of a lump I’m afraid but there is no real rush, any help would be much appreciated


I’m happy to get it M25 / top of M4’ish for meet-up, if that helps any.

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I’m heading from St Albans to Portishead and possibly further at the end of May, if that helps

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Perfect Adam, let me know when

Adam you still on for this trip?

Yeah it appears to be happening, can Mike being it to mine first @MJ2 ?

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Yep, whenever is good for you.

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Just to hijack this, @Stepmotheratomicbomb has a WD88VA amp of mine that could come back here (Leamington Spa) in a few hops or go on tour elsewhere. Could it make your part of the return journey @AmDismal?

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I’ve just ordered a 12"" wand for moerch, can’t wait to get it all up and running.


Not long to wait now.

What is the lump?

Roughly what size are the boxes?

1 box here (if I can find one), just over a couple of foot square, a foot or so deep’ish.