Taxi/safekeeping Hereford area…

I know we have a few guys round the SW sooo…

Anyone willing to pick up a heavyish stone chess set from HR1 and either package it safely & forward it on to me in Wigan, obvs expenses paid, or hang on to it until a taxi can be sorted?

If anyone can get the set to the Faringdon Bake Off - 26th/27/28th Nov then I can get it up to you in January when brother Bob returns from us at Christmas.

Otherwise I could make a detour on the 26th on the way down if the timings can be sorted out.

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Would probably be able to nip down to Shropshireshire to pick up if anyone can get it to you.

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OK lets get a plan together for me to collect the set.

PM me.

If you are coming to collect fancy an overnight for a few beers?


Let me think about that…

Oh, ok then!