You can start working through that backlog of records now :smile:

Did it come with its own headshell?

No shell and no tonearm cable.
I need a damn good one (no foo but great build quality) if anyone can recommend one?
Straight din only as the port is recessed.

I spent yesterday filing my new records and I’m well over 50 new and unplayed. It’s close to 4 months and I had a few waiting before it as well!

On the set up it must have taken five minutes aside from the faff of the cart.
Started off with one channel (cd showed it wasn’t the kit). Loose cart lead.
Then there was a bad hum, which was a flipped red and white cart lead.
Then it was all plain sailing once the right load plugs were in the paradise.

A touch extra on the tracking weight and a torque of 5 and I was happy.

The cart overhang was done with the Technics plastic mount by eye.
I stuck on a Dr F and it hit the 3 Stevenson points on the dot (literally).

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And what was the first record you used to test this beautiful turntable.




Pale Green Ghosts.
Bit of Kate Bush for Mark…
And some Kraftwek (TDF).

Wife came home and it’s all on hold until tomorrow now!


It’s a fooking lovely thing, from the birch ply crate to the Perspex cover and everything in between.
Daft as it may sound it’s probably good value for money. The plinth is hewn from a solid lump, the platter’s close to a 2 man lift. It oozes quality.

If it had European or American brand, a bit more bling it’d be £50k !


Hah, wife stops play :laughing::grimacing::skull_and_crossbones:


And it sounds adequate :joy::joy:


So, that’s the deck for Settle sorted then :grin:

Beautiful. I’d love a listen to that.

Good choices. I think the Steam Engine one would been fine as do like a steam engine, however the David Van Day though would have required another replacement turntable.

Apart from the fact I can’t go now! Wife away. M in L away (1 mutt) No one to dog sit the 3 of them…
I’m stuck at home. It’s on the relevant thread.

Don’t worry, some-one who is going will be able to drive by, pick it and take it to Settle for you. Just make sure it’s neatly boxed up and ready. Don’t worry if you can’t find the stylus guard, it won’t be used anyway.


The box was a work of art.
It’s almost an anti climax that the whole crate boils down to a very minimalistic deck and lift on lid.
It’s going to be easy to take to bake offs apart from the weight as it’s faff free. Or I just got very lucky setting it up. Or Mark is a guru…

Probs all three.

I’d love to go to Yorkshire but I can’t think how as both the women are abroad and stand to lose a lot more than me for cancelling. I can’t kennel 3 dogs (one 14).

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I’ve got a lovely Yannis Tome tonearm cable. I’d recommend one of his.

No it’s fine, you stay with the dogs, we’ll take your turntable and play with it for you.



VTA and azimuth out :+1: