Technics SL1200GR

Doubtful I know, but has anyone heard the poor man’s GAE? and even better heard alongside a stock mk2?

Compared to the going rate for a mint, used 1200mk2 they look like a better buy andd compared to other new TT for similar money there appears to be a lot more thought and technology in the design.

Have to admit I’m tempted,
(either that or dump a load of cash into another spendy Lenco and I can’t be bothered with all that again at the moment)

It certainly looks to be better built than the oldie.
This is the much more substantial motor:-

The deck’s most obvious characteristic during my brief listen seemed to be its rather unvinyl-like agility. There was none of the tiredness commonly associated with turntable-based systems – instead, the Technics set-up seemed to snap through the percussive noises with a decent sense of speed and directness.

Fuck me. Forty year old Garrard’s can do all of that!

What a load of Uber bollox. Unvinyl-like agility…ha ha!


You have one of the modern ones then? :grinning:


I’ve got heavily modded 1200 and am interested in comments on the new variant. By the way Soundeck platter mat adds a lot of realism ie closer to live / accurate sound repro . [ probably less ’ vinyl’ ]