Tedious trollcats

He sent me weird, rambling PMs and was a bit fcuked at times but he could make me larf too

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Or breathing apparatus.


Is misterdog in fact mister cat? Seems too literate, but who knows?

I miss these people, tho’ not as much as I miss icehockeybhwoi…


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Likewise, genuinely mentally unwell, but entertaining.

I’ve heard the racist allegations, but never saw anything worse than dancing cat/Hitler. Guess that’s enough these days. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Here too. We were truly blessed :roll_eyes:

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Doubt the rocket would have got off the ground if so.


Met him at the Heathrow show once, reminded me a bit of Lofty from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum except a bit taller.

He was staying over and seriously suggested we should all go and visit a brothel after the hifi show.

he was finally banned from the Wam for posting links to sites where you could pay to hit women.

He is a total and utter despicable cunt.

I expect this post will disappear shortly as thank fuck he has no right of reply



Aaaand, who still wants him on here?



Definitely not me. And if that utter cunt Mr Cat is on here in disguise he should be punted immediately. His behaviour in the dying days of the other place was unforgivable.


I miss all of this unspeakable behaviour every time. It’s not like I’m not on here either.

Yeah, I can’t wait for him to return.

What does that mean Paul?


What does that make me?

Say it.

You know you want to…


Bit of a non sequitur I know, but this triggered a long-forgotten memory of what my economics teacher said about the local girls’ school:

If all the girls at the High School were laid end to end I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Edgbaston High School for Girls? :grinning:

Not aware of the facts?
There was a concerted campaign for his return at Scalford a few years ago with quite a few exhibitors displaying small Garfield type stuffed toys.
I doubt they were aware of the facts either.

That is called giving people the benefit of the doubt.

if people were aware of all this and still want him back then they are cunts!


What facts?

That a lonely, ugly, fat old guy with a bad personality pays women for sex?

That the same lonely, ugly, fat old guy with a bad personality goes way too far with what he says when he’s trolling a bunch of self-righteous virtue-signallers?

I dunno, I only met him once, and he seemed pretty sad, dysfunctional and mega lonely, don’t think any of us know him remotely well enough to say much more.

I might be wrong, I usually am, but he bought a perverted kind of balance to forums that are usually a rather nauseous circle-jerk of back-slapping mutual-affirmation.

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And he posted links to websites where you can pay to be violent towards women.
Which is not only illegal but says a lot about the person posting it. Or is that harmless irrelevant behaviour from someone who is socially inept?

If anyone posts the links or similar he posted to the Wam on here I’ll instaban them.

The problem with Cloth-Ears was that he went from very amusing diversion to amazingly tedious over a period of time. And he knew it too, hence him trying to compensate with ever more “edgy” content.


I think your version of ‘acceptable’ is different from most people. Just leave it and move on.