Tennis - at least it's more interesting than golf (yes/no/maybe)


There needs to be a word for the quiet, subdued sound you get when the crowd realises the Brit is going to lose.


The sound of inevitability?


the “murmur of resignation”


I think you mean Jock :grin:


Or Strayan


To quote Father Ted “What would you say to a nice cup of tea? Fuck off cup of tea”.


Majestic display by Federer this evening! :tennis:


Federer has been amazing throughout. Since Murray and Djoko have both struggled with injury, it looks like Roger’s time off has been a great strategy.

Do they all play too much? Is the tour simply too gruelling?


The guy who used to give me tennis lessons in Germany, told me that to get in to the top 100 players in Germany alone, you have to take drugs…
These drugs also mask injuries so that you can play through the pain, I presume once you get to the top 100 in the world, you have to ease off these as you could be caught.

So good strategy by Federer as at his age recovery takes longer, is it as gruelling as other sports? No idea tbh…


Also Federer is the finest player to ever grace a court. Such a contrast to the 6’5" + big serve, monster forehand droids that have taken over tennis.


He has been superb,although he made quite a few errors today.

He will need to be at his best against cilic,although i expect him to win 3-1


Fuck tennis never made it as an Olympic sport.


Not much of a final so far :frowning:


Normal then


This is particularly bad.


I am watching a decent sport


Women’s beach volleyball?


MILF watching


Well that was about as dull and borring as F1. Well done Federer I suppose.

Going to go and vacuum out the car now I’ve wone an hour.


What a poor final.