Tennis - at least it's more interesting than golf

Bit of a stupid challenge!

or lack of a challenge

that foghorn is returning some amazing shots, he’s got a shit load of power

If he was a touch more consistent he’d win this…

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murray’s 1st service is pretty bad so far though

He looks so chilled too, standing at the baseline, hardly moving sometimes, just twatting them back.

Cracking shot

That was a perfect example

he’s playing mind games with him, acting casual, slowing down the rallies and taking his time to serve.

Pushy mum’s giving him the evils!


A touch cocky there…

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Yup he’s throwing it away now…

bloody hell

Impressive comeback from Murray

Murray should have it now.

i think he’s twigged to let foghorn make the mistakes

They’re talking about reviewing the light if it goes to a fifth set. Wtf are they on about? Sun is still shining here…


Great start

I think mummy’s recent face lift hasn’t worked out that well…

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harsh but fair