Tennis - at least it's more interesting than golf


It’s on the ceiling.


Think he needed to win the 1st set

Will need a massive effort to win now

Not given the evidence on this second set - Novak has dropped right off :man_shrugging:t3:

Not watching at the mo

Fuck sakes Novak is two sets up and frankly doesn’t deserve it from the play overall.

Come on Roger we love you!


Come on Roger!

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35 shot rally!

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Fifth set beckons…

A proper world class final.


Please break Novak’s serve now!

Edit: well done Federer, collosal pressure.

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This is very close.

Brilliant as Novak is, he really can’t do the soft hands shots and does rely on whacking the shit off the ball from the baseline. You can see why Federer likes to tempt him to net with shorter balls and drop shots.

Federer is using that backspin dropshot really well in this final set.

What a break from Federer at 8-7 serving now in the 5th set to win.


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Have to give Novak credit for saving two championship points and then hold his own serve.

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What a match! 2 incredible players.

Come on Roger!

Both players on fire right now