Tesla Solar

Tesla have announced a new solar roof using glass replacements for slate tiles. They look really impressive.


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Bet the wiring is interesting!

Might even pay itself back in a decade. Or two.

Maybe in ten years when an installation costs less than five thousand it would be worth it. Rich persons play thing up to that point. Enviromental credentials are dubious at best. I wonder what the break even point is for distributed energy Vs personally generated energy on both counts?

Miserable cunts probably aren’t their target market.


When I do the loft extension I’d get solar panels; these look a lot nicer than standard panels. I approve!

Thank fuck, I shan’t feel obliged to buy.

I seriously love the idea. Most (all) current solar panels look like a diseased dog turd.

There is no reason at all for them to be so hideous. Similarly, as Tesla is proving, there is no reson for an eco car to be a Prius.


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No reason now that every new build shouldn’t incorporate them as standard.

BIG step in the right direction.

Is the Prius eco?

It is promoted as such. The general populace is stupid. The public accept advertisng as truth. Vis-a-vis…

Not really, vis a vis nasty shit in the batteries, and by extension neither is Tesla, although they at least are making an effort to produce clean leccy to charge up their batteries, which are also made of nasty shit.

AA ?