The 6th Lopwell campout 7-9 june 2024

Ordered a kilo of Red Brick and 350g of Sholi from Square Mile for the weekend. Your preferred beans welcome, ofc :smiley:


I’ll see if i can get a packet of the localy roasted Ugandan, worthy for a dial in on your machine.

A kilo of red brick used to have a different meaning, how times have changed :slight_smile:



Similarly high value

Will have a similar marching around effect


Will a potential threat of dodgy water mean that more beer will be required. Sounds like a sensible mitigation.


It’s what beer’s for :ok_hand:

Does make an odd cuppa T mind…

Yep can do the ribs, don’t have a BBQ or smoker now as they were both rusted to fuck so have gone in the skip.

Will do the rib sauce in advance and if someone can bring a BBQ they can go in late fri night ready for sat afternoon.

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Stick 'em in the bee hive :skull:

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Maybe @Wayward can help with the smoker ?

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Yes, can bring the smoker. :+1:

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Top man, even if the smoker doesn’t come I’m pleased your coming

The ribs are still on order so @thebiglebowski look at open fire options

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In the last week I will send the reminder about kit

We can always just use the lopwell raffle speaker donated by @Valvebloke :grimacing:

Lowfi lopwell has a ring to it and Beyonce calls

The trouble with her is she never does.

Brown owl will always come

Once the raffle’s drawn of course the speaker will be the property of whoever wins it. So you’ll need to check with them :grin:.

The instructions say that if you get another one you can program them to work in stereo.

Disappointed but I’m going to have to cry off this year. Hel is not well and stressed out too so don’t want to leave her on her own for the weekend right now.

Hope you all have a great time, look forward to photos of gluttony and setting stuff on fire.


Understand my man but we will miss you .

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When the record dealer scum bag wins the right said Fred signed cd it should be bleeding obvious it’s all a fix