The 6th Lopwell campout 7-9 june 2024

Game Pie… :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Just up towards the big pink house is a pheasant farm, wiping them all out might require some effort



A few spaniels or terriers should do the trick.
Effort sounds like too much effort :laughing:


Haha quite so, frightful stuff.

@murrayjohnson feel free to spam us with more info about those cartridges you are looking at. The ‘cheap’ one sounded excellent at Lopwell.


Are we still doing forum bylines?



Whatever was playing late on Friday night was downright fucking spectacular, didn’t notice what it was mind…

That was Ritchie’s Garrard.

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(I probably should have paid more attention to hifi than the ‘none’ that I did, though most of the music was [this space left intentionally blank].)

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The health benefits of Lopwell are not to be underestimated. First time in probably more than a year that i got two solid 7 hour plus nights of uninterrupted sleep. Got home and back to work, sleep has immediately reverted to 3 hours or so, get up for an hour or two, back to bed and catch a couple of hours before getting up for work.

I know that’s not healthy, but I’ve kind of got used to it so it become normal. As part of men’s health week a “Measure how fucked your mental health is” did the rounds ( 14 question WEMWBS, which appears well regrded). Score 59+ and you are good to go, less than 32 and its destination fucked. I scored 26.

Time to sort some stuff out I think.


Let us know where you live Bob and we will pitch up, spike your doorstep milk with vodka, start a fire in your garden and play plinky-plonky jazz all the time. Then Sodders will interrupt your sleep by banging loudly on whatever shelter you’re in.

Seriously though, there are better times to be had. You are right to set about having them.


Talking about it has benefits all by itself, so this is a positive start :+1:


That’s good stuff Bob. I found Lopwell very beneficial too - despite >8 hour stretches trapped in a confined space with Jim’s arse* - psychologically it was a huge boost simply to have a change of scene and a change of company, even though I have nothing to complain of here. I’m still buzzing TBH, and would have stayed for a week had that been feasible. I too slept really well the first night despite hanging off the back of a pickup tailgate, the second - not so much, and I need, at the very least, to sort a decent mattress before I attempt anything similar again.

*TBF, he actually didn’t fart all that much!


{ Shudders at the thought }


Very true.
The weekend helped me enormously with my mood and having had a health scare and some other worries the Lopwell weekend helped me feel more like myself again.
I laughed so much during the weekend and laughter is the best medicine.
More bake-offs required after all a bake-off is like a mini Lopwell.
I’ll be looking for a date to organise one at mine soon.


He did, I slept right through it apparently :slight_smile:


I didn’t :slightly_smiling_face:.

June 6th was the anniversary of Claire’s surgery from which, in effect, she never recovered. 2023 was the first Lopwell I missed, so I was really looking forward to this one. And it delivered.

Thank you, everyone.


I’m still buzzing from my visit a couple of years ago.
Hopefully next year. Certainly the year after as I’ll then be a man of leisure :grin:


It was great to see you there.

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That CD you put on was still playing and had nearly reached the end of its first track.