The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Feckin’ everyone can have one…Cuntz!

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All cock there. 110% penis so lay in with the DMs

One day I’ll do a guide to show you dumb cunts how to use the software to do a proper continuation thread.

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Ooooh, get her.

That’s a very strong opening there :+1:

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Yadda yadda don’t tell me, show me :smile:

Andrew Neil is tearing Ed Davey a new arsehole on BBC2.


Quite amusing. I think he’d prefer a cock punch right now.

Meh! What is this proper thread we are supposed to be continuing? There is less than feck all chance of a proper thread on this fetid corner of the www so a continuation thread would be pointless.

Didn’t stop you starting a new one in double-quick time for no reason did it, sweetcheeks?

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No it didn’t Blossom. If we needed reason to post/start threads there would be feck all on here. Come to think of it, there is feck all on here, but that is a different type of feck all…(other than the Mince Pie thread obviously).

Aha, the Michael Gove defence.

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There is no Michael Gove defence. He is a opportunist charlatan who can’t hold his drink. Cockpunch to him and his frighteningly unpleasant wife.

Ban the OP I say.

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I dont believe you can hold yours anymore …

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Just saying like


This is true…:weary:

Can I just get Sean Paul in again nice and early?

First name of “featuring”.

Supermassive gonadal battering to cunts that start duplicate threads. FFS ease-up on the brain solvent, Olan.