The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Seems an odd way to go about retirement…

For turning into a one way street in Nuneaton yesterday
Heard car beeping but though it was the radio

Luckily a car coming round the corner braked in time

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Easy done when you don’t know the area.

Yes. Shook me up for a bit

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The Daily Express.

Look what it says on the coat of arms on the blue passport… :rofl:


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Anyway, this archaic cunt can have one for saying it’s not rape if the woman doesn’t physically try to stop it.



The school my wife works for can have one - she agreed to work an extra hour once a week to support a child who is having problems at home. The school are giving her that hour back in lieu, on the condition that she takes it within her working day - and she can’t leave the premises. So it’s an hour off in the staff room.

I suppose they shouild be applauded for preparing the kids for the wonderful world of modern employment practices.

That’s the power of renewable annual contracts for you.


My letter to the governors is proving an immensely enjoyable labour of hate.


I still don’t quite get how this works.

Take an hour off, soldier - in that shell hole over there.



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Cockpuch to dangerous, moronic, mouth breathing shit heads who use dual carriageway slip roads to build speed to the dizzy heights of 35mph and then pull out in to fast flowing traffic.
Royally fucking over those behind them both on the slip road and the main carriageway.
Boils my piss that does.


Also arseholes who hurtle down the slip road at 80 and swing straight across into lane 3 :worried:

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And this

Sadly it is not that unusual. Sounds like the school are running on minimum staff levels and need your wife to remain on site to maintain a child/ adult ratio. It’s shit but I hope your wife is getting rewarded by her own actions, she is doing a very commendable and challenging job.

Exactly. My wife is a truly decent human being, and would put in the extra hours without pay, simply because she is so passionate about what she does. It isn’t about the money, but it’s a pretty shoddy state of affairs.


It’s gonna get worse.

Surely not? I can see the sunny uplands from here. The reward for 5 more years is surely incoming:


It is intriguing that the richer counties are doing so well. I don’t mind mine getting extra cash, but at the expense of city centre ones, really?

Can’t see the Tories holding onto the so-called Red Wall seats once Brexit has happened. Time to try and regain their traditional home turf…

Honestly, just what the fuck.

Smash one of these panels, I’m more than happy to smash your cock.