The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Hence why I love my 24 y.o. Land Cruiser. When the RR cunts come flying round a bend and see me they slam on their brakes cos they know I don’t give a shit what happens to my beast. Plus hit my LC and I’ll turn your RR into a Jimny


Obvious piece of meme history is obvious.

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The mistake they’re making is that they’re in a moving vehicle with laws-of-physics limitations on available power, load-bearing capacity etc. You, however, are stationary on the earth and have access to more than 20kWe (perhaps much more, given a bit of creative storage).

If they honk you then you should honk them back


Now this idea has potential, domestic-acceptability issues notwithstanding…

Only the one?

Any one who uses the phrase ‘Learn me’ in a thread title
Illiterate wankers!
Maybe they could ask someone to ‘borrow them’ a basic grammar guide :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Don’t use colloquialisms in front of @Kevin. Even deliberate, knowing ones. Like this one.


@Kevin the AA’s very own Forum Community Support Officer.

Keep up the good work! :roll_eyes:

Anyone who writes anyone as any one


Maybe you shouldn’t be so easily baited :joy:

Every time I look at the page it jumps out at me!
I am proof reading operating manuals at work at the moment and i think it has all become a bit much :sleepy:


It’s all the master baiters on here


Parcel fuckin Farce.

So, how the fuck does this work then ? This morning I ordered and paid for ParcelForce 24, printed out labels for ParcelForce 24 and took the parcel to a ParcelForce drop-off point.

I’m just looking at the tracking info and it’s being delivered by Evri (Hermes tossers) on the fucking 12th !

Scamming dishonest cunts !

… and breathe

Ooof - “Hermes - SO Bad We Had To Change Our Name” - anything rather than improve their service!

Must admit, Parcelfarce is also on my ‘don’t use’ list.

Jailed for more than hankey pankey.

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“The darts player, nicknamed The Count”

Obvious o-superfluity is obvious

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And if it hasn’t been caught on camera he wouldn’t even have been charged.

These people. Had to be rescued, as they were really quite dumb. One couple and there dog did escape a few minutes before, but had to wade up to their chests.

Them that were rescued then say and had their picnic and thought it was all a bit of a laugh.

Fuck em off to Rwanda