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This tickled old John

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Our lorry driver’s eldest son had an accident on his motorbike 4 weeks ago, a lorry pulled out on him at 5am one morning as he was on his way to work. Poor bloke dropped the bike but slid into the wheel, smashing his leg and breaking his pelvis.
2 weeks later he has a blood clot that caused a heart attack, thankfully he pulled through.
This morning at 6.30am I got a call from his dad in tears as his son had passed away in the night. They had removed the pelvic brace the day before which was a step towards going home. Unfortunately this caused internal bleeding and a massive drop in blood pressure. Josh lost his battle and didn’t recover.
Such a shame a 23 year old with his life ahead of him. My heart goes out to his family such devastating news.


Horror story :frowning_face:. I guess all you can do is try and support his dad as best you can.

Fucking hell, Mick. So sad for someone so young. Not much for me to add to what Graeme said.

Tragic :disappointed:

That’s awful. I just can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a son like that.

Jesus Mick, that’s absolutely tragic.

Awful whiff of medical fuck-up too… No way that should have happened.

Horrendous story. Commiserations all-round

Absolutely tragic.

Jesus that’s seriously sad :disappointed:

Oh fuck what a tragic story and so awful for the family and people who loved him.

Words don’t seem enough for something so awful.

A young lad so tragic, I feel so much for his family.

That’s awful.

Fuck, that’s absolutely awful.

There is a Netflix documentary series called dirty money. One episode is about Jared Kushner. What a cunt. No wonder trumpton loved him - peas in a fucking pod.

Another episode about 1mdb, the dodgy Malaysian sovereign wealth fund that just stole money from the populace, with Goldman Sachs’s help

The whole series looks like a list of candidates for this. Fuck me there are some greedy, nasty people running the world…

Sherlock will be along soon to confirm

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Yeah yeah, I know it’s obvious, but the sheer quantity is shocking. And what they are prepared to do keeps lowering the bar for how badly people will treat others simply to take a bit more of their money

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Sherlock will be along soon to confirm

Let he who is without dim lick the first window…