The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

This little shitweasel (or stoat, depending on how close you stand to him).
Wasn’t sure whether to post in the Straya thread instead, but there’s only one reply necessary


I suppose that with a full term life sentence she has nothing to lose and it gives her something to do.
She will be on legal aid and I am sure any number of law firms are happy to prepare an invoice.

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The CP is for the additional suffering she is going to cause the families by blocking any chance of closure so they could start to heal.

She needs an ice pick through the ear.

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She has shown no remorse and didn’t even attend the sentencing, she is hardly going to care, I don’t disagree with you but there is fuck all to be done

Err, this isn’t all about her, with the case closed and the guilty verdict the families can put the legal shit and stress behind them and move on to the next stage of healing.

Personally I wouldn’t give a fuck if she didn’t attend sentencing or attend court. She was found guilty and sentenced to a very very long time in prison. The appeal now creates another phase of stress regardless that her chance of a successful appeal is 0.0000000000000000001%

It is all about her, she is the one choosing to appeal, so the ball is in her court.
Like it or not she has rights and will exercise them and she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else or the stress she will cause. The only person she is concerned about is herself.
As I said I don’t disagree with your sentiments but there is fuck all anyone (except her fellow inmates) can do about it,


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Another on the long list


Two of MiL’s likely lad neighbours can have one.

One can’t drive (I think the truth is actually closer to “isn’t allowed to drive”) and the other recently lost “his” car when he split up with his girlfriend (the car was actually her’s).

Up until now they’ve been used to being ferried about by MiL, however she’s never going to drive again. So they’ve been trying to cook up some scheme where the one with a license is put on MiL’s insurance so they can, umm, “drive” (i.e. have) her car (“we can do her errands” etc.)

Nice guys they may be, but I wouldn’t leave either of those hazards in charge of a box of biscuits, let alone a very nice recent Mini Cooper.

Thankfully the SiL’s are of the same opinion, only with added Paddington Hard Stare.

Sell the car, unless it would be usful for whoever is on MiL duty

That’s the rough plan. NI, rural NI, is extremely car-dependent.

We left the old Corsa that I now own in Malvern for many years after my mother stopped driving for precisely this reason.

Which is one of the reasons why it only has about 17k on the clock.

One to the nadgers to Karl McCartney MP
Another one who can’t speak English
Hyperbole is not pronounced ‘Hyperbowl’ you thick cunt!


NFN and all that but what a bunch of fucking tools

You’d have to be a monumental bellend to think that wearing a Nazi/SS uniform in any situation would not cause offence.


One member of the group, who did not want to be named, said they had not intended to cause offence.

Publish and be damned



This can get in the fucking bin.

Not only is £8.80 to ship a record a bit toppy, there’s a £2.15 ‘service charge’ (apparently covering the payment charges and exchange rates which, as the location of the store is unspecified, could be fuck all) AND THEN I am invited to tip.

I have instead purchased the record from Juno who despite not selling direct and still having to charge for shipping, are cheaper.


Pisstake pricing has really crept back in with solid media, and lumping hidden extra charges is sure to spread like herpes in a commune in online retail in general. I’m buying a lot less than I once did because of it.

WTAF :scream: