The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Labour are highly likely to get in next time.

A lorra jazz veins are gonna pop when said gammon cunts realise that unlike the good old dayz, they will have to let a “non white**” carer into their house (assuming they didn’t have to sell the cunting thing to fund the care themselves) that the ultimate outcome of the Conservative ‘project’ is very much to their detriment.

And I’m pretty confident that the Daily Express and other similar titles don’t make particularly good toilet paper.

**yes I have heard this said in public places.


I had to deconstruct a shitty statement this morning. It is day seven of seven. I had a couple of pleasant ‘lay ins’ where I woke up at 04:15.

Otherwise it has been up at 03:20. Nature of the beast and all that.

Perhaps surprisingly, our rotas are not really designed around the needs of human beings. We do face a number of challenges that have been recognised and yet fuck all has changed.

Also, a number of us are concerned about buses that might shit themselves at any point especially as Cuntscooters are banned due to fire reasons…

Lots going on. As well as shit on the road like roadworks (two sets of) and the usual rush hour traffic, I didn’t fucking need some cunt to try and take advantage of what they may perceive to be a relationship of equals…

Their argument (why am I always late) was delicatey dismantled using big words with a level of calm that only caused their jazz vein to start throbbing!

Mouthing off at bus drivers is almost as stupid as mouthing off at chefs.

Don’t fucking do it!

Anyhoo; CP to any cunt that does. Because I don’t have to carry you.



Can’t remember where I saw it but think the grauniad was saying that Labour need a bigger swing than 1997 due to the boundary changes.

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Fucknugget endemic attitude! I’m horrified by his lack of awareness, particularly in this case with Brianna Ghey’s family “in the room!” Similar comments in any other working environment would likely result in suspension and disciplinary action… So should it be in the house! :person_facepalming:t2:

Squirmed his way round not apologising either, how difficult would it be to say “I’m sorry it was poorly chosen words” but no the cunt just turns it away from himself.


Fuck. I really hope they’re not right…

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They are right.
It is not new news
Labour need 12.7 swing Blair got 10.2
All the polls say they will get it


Although their time was up & they were somewhat mired in sleaze, Major’s government was in no way as offensive as the bunch of corrupt shysters & morons currently failing to run the country. The swing should be achievable, particularly with widespread tactical voting & despite Starmer lacking the charisma of Blair.


And still couldn’t get her name right (neither could Jeremy Cunt)
Just shows what they think of the electorate when they can’t even be bothered to check.

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Yet they begat today’s toadies :roll_eyes::cry:

2 year suspended sentence for this…… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



It appears I am one step removed from a situation where the theory

is being proved wrong by someone being utterly spiteful.


Is there a will involved perchance?

Not from our perspective solely (and the way things have happened has probably taken out some complications from previous decisions people have made) although there might be some of that on its way for the people in question.

It actually starts before that from what we are hearing, someone is trying to exclude people from even going to a funeral who really should be going.

I’m so sorry to read this. This sort of thing was the last straw with my family of origin. Didn’t get to attend my Nan"s funeral.

Yeah, that’s what happened with my family.

Simple country folk who will stoop to any depths when there is money at stake.

The two biggest lies in these circumstances
They told me they wanted me to have it

Its what they would have wanted