The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

I’ve known too many deaths where the result is a huge, ugly vulture-fight: usually started by the very people who did nothing for the deceased and studiously avoided them until the smell of money filled the air… I’ve walked away from (and once been deliberately denied) what was due to me rather than battle it out. Grief hollows out any stomach for a fight. IME wills are rarely properly administered. Sad, but such is ‘human nature’.

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Peirs hasn’t had one for a while, the giant belm.


Political twitter.

So bored of it all.

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Same here - it really is tedious in the extreme.

Jesus fucking christ what the fuck is happening to this cuntry?! 14 years of tories and we’re making North Korea look like fucking Utopia!

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Not news to anyone who works in school finance, the only omission is that schools who can afford to employ less teachers and support staff (both of which have had significant real terms pay cuts over the last few years) than before are needing to do far more to support a lot of pupils and families.

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I’m a big fan of the NHS, it pays some of the mortgage ffs but, between them my doctors surgery and pharmacy couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.
I have a pretty simple and static repeat prescription which every other month they seem to either lose, get wrong, query or generally fuck into a cocked hat in some way.
Useless fuckers the lot of them. Give me my fucking drugs you cunt canoes.


This line had me in stiches. :joy::joy::joy:

Anyhoo; hope it all gets sorted out ASAP.

Try Lloyds Direct. Been faultless for us, so far.

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My GP surgery now wants me to buy my own blood pressure machine and send them the readings :roll_eyes:

I’ve been doing that for yonks.

Jesus Christ.

Our surgery has one that you can walk in and use.

FFS keep your trap shut you attention seeking twat. It’s a family issue you shouldn’t be blathering to the media about.

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He’s damned if he does & damned if he doesn’t. I think he realises this so does what he wants. Fair enough. Fuck the press & media.


CP to the bastard seller on ebay who blocked me.

All I did was ask for a demo, ask a few questions and offer him a very reasonable £3500 cash for it.

Some people are just so unreasonable.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

An author of a local newspaper that referred to a Trolleybus as “Tram Bus”…

A Trolleybus is known as such even in countries that do not have English as their first language.



Punch Taverns can have one. We have 4 pubs in town. Punch own 2.

One has been closed on and off for years as they keep putting the prices and rent up. The other had their rent put up by 70% within a month of opening after the new landlady spent a lot of money making it a fantastic place. Their rationale was that it was now a premium pub.

They then increased the price of drinks to the pub too.

Despite being very well supported they cannot make ends meet and it closes next weekend.

Ridiculous business model!

Same business model as most PubCos. Brakspears were the same with our local. The rationale was to make it too expensive to operate as a pub, get Change of Use for the building and sell it off as housing.

Get a few people together and get the pub listed as An Asset of The Community. Prevents anything nasty happening for 18 months.
We did and during the 18 month moratorium Brakspears lost interest in the idea and sold the Freehold.

We now have a flourishing Local with great Pizza :+1: