The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Which pub Mick?


The Duke is the one you, Sam, Jan and me had a couple in. It’s had had 3 managers since then and opens again end of March with another, don’t know how long that will last.

The Pipe Makers was the one I said was great just opened up the road which was closed that afternoon.

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I love Caribbean chilli sauces.

This is shit…


I saw someone recommend it.

Bought some, tried it, binned it :angry:

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Have you had this one, I love it.

Oh yes. The Yellow Bird style sauces are great. This was just shite.
Off to Oxford on Friday and a couple of bottles of decent Pepper sauce will be……errrr……sourced.


Thanks, gonna give that a try.

:+1: Just bought one, too.

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Parliament can have a proper Guy Fawkes moment.
Absolute cunts.


First response from a local councillor is that only applies if there is only one licensed premises in the town.

We have 2 pubs that house the druggies, the social club (inc me) and the cricket club (me too) and the Punch pubs which were / are the heart old the town for incomers and locals who can afford a bit more, which we all do really welcome.

Example Social / druggies pub £3.30 for real ale. punch £.4.80. All down to the buying in price.

I’m keeping digging!!”


Entirely understandable…

My understanding is that it’s more to do with the community impact of the pub, rather than how many.

But I could be wrong.

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To the cunts responsable for a former colleague’s suffering and pain.

Spoke to a thoroughly decent chap that I’ve not seen for a while. Asked him how he was. Due to the- and I’m going to be charitable here- insensitive handling of two family tragedies (the second one being a miscarriage) this chap left.

They were given a written warning for taking time off to support their partner. They were offered counselling but despite repeatedly asking for this, it did not materialise.

All I could do do is give him a hug and wish him the best for the future. And advise him to take action when ready.

I do recall a time- not so long ago- when my employer had an excellent reputation. A ‘Family’ firm if you will.

I understand that mine is not the only industry where people are dehumanised units of labour, by the way.

But that story was easily the most upsetting I’ve heard in a long time. :cry:


A close colleague, who moved on to another area, died a few days ago.

He had been sacked a couple of years ago (anll handled really badly), and disappeared off the face of the Earth.
We don’t yet know the cause of death, but it would not surprise me if it was self administered.

He was a great guy, if a bit Marmite. A sad loss.

British Gymnastics.

“We are in the middle of a two program to make the sport safe and root out abuse”.

How corrupt and dangerous is your sport if it takes two-fucking-years to make it right ?


I doubt 2 years is long enough to find and get rid of all the child haters and nonces that inveigle themselves inside gymnastic coaching.

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I suspect if you need to do a thorough examination of every gymnastics club in the country, you’ve got an awful lot of leg work to do.

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Not enough facepalm emojis or gifs in the world for this level of batshitness.


I’m hoping that everyone with embryos in storage starts claiming all the tax benefits from having a few hundred children.