The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Hope so, then you could take it to a hifi show and see what people think of it on a high end system.

I may be old but I see I am not alone. Not spending 250 smackers to drift off to Mr. Gilmour’s guitar stylings then.

I’m pretty sure that, not for the first time, you’ve missed the point.


Well, I’m old. Off to shout at some clouds.

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Saw him for free a few years ago.Got a phone call from a guy who used the WAM at the time just said can you be at the back (VIP) entrance at Brighton Centre at 7.00 tonight?
He wouldn’t tell me why so I turned up.
It was a ‘secret’ final dress rehearsal show before Gilmour went on tour, they wanted to perform before an audience so all the people who had worked on the tour got invited. An old Uni friend of the Wammer was an animator.
Gilmour had a house in Hove and all the rehearsals had also been in Hove so Brighton was a natural choice.
Had a great night, though my invite did not extend to the after show party, though the Wammer went with his mates.

A few here went to the Albert Hall date on that tour, think tickets were about £100 to £150 at the time

It’s hard for me to separate David Gilmour from the post Meddle (why no lavish rerelease?)output of his combo. I speak as one who has happily shelled out brass to see Jimmy Dawkins, Alberts King and Collins, which gives you an idea of my predilections.

Sonos can have one. The complete app rewrite that nobody asked for has broken bloody everything :rofl:

A quick glance at the support community indicates that it’s universally hated - not just on a “we fear change” basis, but they’ve either broken or in some cases completely removed functionality that people have made part of their daily lives.

V2 syndrome indeed.

OK - I’ve had a dig around now. It really is as bad as the (thousands of) enraged users on the support forum say.

Basically they’ve replaced a rock-solid highly functional app with a minimum viable product. Absolute dogshit. And now they’re trying to back-pedal giving dates for when they’ll reinstate stuff they’ve removed / not yet replaced. You wonder why they didn’t wait to have done this.

Whoever pushed for and / or green-lit releasing this is gonna get fired.

I have Sonos kit but I hate them and hate myself for owning it.


Straight out of the Microsoft playbook - fuck-up functionality to make it look like you’re doing something, accompany it with price-rises, never fix anything - drive users to your premium rate helplines.

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:eggplant: :boxing_glove: to my landlord. Nice bloke, let’s me do what the fuck I want, but…

Sadly not uncommon

Well done, why not have years of safeguarding cases because kids are being kept in the dark about stuff and all in the name of an unnecessary culture war. Everything I have ever heard in safeguarding training is that the best defence you can give kids is for them to know what is going on.


What?! And remove the need for late-term abortions* and forced adoptions on kids so young their 11+ is still on the horizon? Next you’ll be suggesting the Dark Ages wasn’t all the fun it’s cracked-up to be!!!

grim bit:
*It happens, a lot, when I worked in RVH Boscombe in the mid-80s we did one list a month of (mostly) S.T.O.P.s on kids - late at night for the sake of discretion, oldest were typically 15, the youngest we had was 8. Fucking 8 years old. Yeah, definitely best to keep them ignorant… FFS.

So basically the same thing the redneck states have tried with disastrous results. The idea that teaching about something encourages it to happen by default is an utterly stupid assumption (cf you and Maths), you can (and the school where I am a governor which is very much a church school does) make a distinction between learning about something that is happening in the world and celebrating it.

I suspect that not a lot of schools do teach full on sex education below UKS2, but with puberty happening earlier on average it might be necessary in order that kids know about what is going to happen before it does. I would rather heads and teachers make that decision than a politician making a pre planned tabloid headline.

Sort of similar point, one of the SLT at my place has developed teaching materials for the same age range on county lines etc. On the basis of the tabloid brainflub, that will lead to our kids getting involved…

The next cunt that disturbs me when am having a kip on Stand Time is going to get the mother of all bollockings.

I am up between either 03:30 and 06:30 and for the most part work seven days spreads of up to 70 hours.

So no, I don’t fucking care about diversions I’ve not been told about, or if you can’t be bothered to learn Entrance Codes.

Fuck off.


When I was renting the replacement of batteries in CO and smoke alarms was my responsibility.
Check your lease, it may be down to you.

Nowt to do with lease/contract, landlords are required by law to provide smoke alarms and CO detectors and keep them maintained. It’s down to the tenant to check them though.

I have just had to tell someone who really should know better not to share their logon for a particular system.

Essentially people can save $5 on the wrench…