The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Condolences Nick

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Sorry to hear that.

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Sorry for your loss Nick.

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Many condolences on your loss.

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Fuck you hayfever!!!

Pretty sure I’m going be dehydrated soon with the amount of fluids leaving my nose and eyes.

Never seen anything this bad over the last 2-3 weeks despite decades of fairly mild symptoms. I’m pretty much like Steve @SAP7 was at Lopwell for the last few weeks.

Normally a single citrizine tablet per day is enough but have tried all the brands and nothing is working all that well.

Currently taking about 6x fexofenadine per day which is having the best results.

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Condolences Nick, so very sorry for your loss.

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Mine has subsided. Only in the last 2 weeks though. Nothing touches it when it’s bad.

Sorry to hear this Nick.

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Russia… Massive missile raid on children’s hospital in KYIV!
FFS! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Russia, the land of heroes and depravity. Snake eyes is certainly a war criminal along with his cronies, their actions are heinous and beyond forgiveness. Children ffs, all in need of care and medical intervention, anger is insufficient to describe this households feelings.


Indeed and rightly denounced as a war crime when they do it.

Israel? Erm. Not so much.


Sincere condolences Nick. A very mixed feeling which, sadly, many of us will have. Doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable for you. A deeply unpleasant time. Look after yourself and those whom you love.

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My ex employing agency, dear oh dear. They are in a minor dispute on last years pay. This years pay offer has been made. TU membership is up and staff are rightly miffed at stiff letter level, which is high for the civil service.

Latest comms from the management reads… you should not have an expectation that pay, if you stay in your role and do that well, will compensate you for cost of living and affordability issues.

I should explain that they have moved most of the money to non consolidated performance pay, which is always reduced by corporate level performance.

I remind you this is still the civil service and not a cutting edge hedgefund pay policy.

This Union retains a few MPs across the 3 main parties, one of whom harppens to be the new Minister for this area. Even better they are visiting the agency tomorrow and have their first fifteen minutes with our Union. I suspect this ill judged comms will be withdrawn as the new groundrules are explained. Joy.

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To all the BBC and Radio 4 Luvvies harping on about Michael Moseley and the difference he made to peoples lives and what a great guy he was. This may be so but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to take health and lifestyle advice from someone who died at 67.
I’m off to light up and pour another whisky.



Mahoosive cockpunch to the Orangemen brachiating and drooling their way around Liverpool. Cunts.


Well to be avoided. I heard some horrific stuff from my Nan regarding the 12th (and pretty much any time) from her younger days in the 'Pool…

Quiet in MiL’s village today.

However tomorrow (literally) 100k prods will descend on it, then leave at about tea time :man_shrugging:

“The Sash My Father Wore” aka “The Bash My Father Had”.

new quote for fucking car insurance has gone up by nearly 70%

robbing twats

Cockpunch to me for forgetting about my renewal…