The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Syrup tape would work :slight_smile:


how about some breast tape

its good on moobs as well - only if you’ve been waxed first though…


Nearly there


gripper rods? threshold strips?


I’m beginning to get a sense you have in inner astronaut begging to come out… Astra car, Astro turf, tin foil shorts it’s all adding up…


The groundsmen at Lords would be jealous


A fondness for reconstituted freeze dried food as well. It all makes sense now.



Perhaps the turf will roll back Thunderbirds stylee ?



Come to think of it that picture you posted up of you buying the Astra at the dealership was a giveaway



Let’s hope it doesn’t shrink when it rains! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am expecting the colour to run and the “grass” to turn blue and the rest of the garden green.


Real grass does that, as many a young man who’s tried to get the stains out of his clothes after rolling around on it in pursuit of the joys of spring can attest.



Needs a bit more of a tidy up,some kiln dried sand and power wash the patio.

It doesn’t come out well in the pics,but looks very grass like,was worried buying it online,but it saved £200 and is as good as the ones ive seen elsewhere.


Decent job


Obvious Photoshop is obvious.


Cheers patch


just you wait until the local cats try to dig it up…


I wondered how long ‘the christening’ would take. :grinning:


Other than trolling cat out the front,none come into the back garden.