The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Add some plastic flowers and a Gnome. Result. :hugs:


Just bought a blow-up rhododendron


I’d be tempted to add some grass, ironically.




Is he going to shit plastic turds to match?


If only


They should go better of that lawn with a 5 iron than they ever would off the old rough version. :+1:


If i use a wedge,i can hit the neighbours garden 3 doors away.


One advantage for @stu and his nylon grass wig: No need in mow prior to tornado attack.

Suggestions that the atmospheric disturbance in the photo was due to the confluence of low atmospheric pressure, @Jim and a very large full English breakfast were not denied by a Met Office spokesperson.

:wind_blowing_face: :slight_smile: :wind_blowing_face: :upside_down: :wind_blowing_face: :slight_smile: :wind_blowing_face: :upside_down: :wind_blowing_face: :slight_smile: :wind_blowing_face: :upside_down: :wind_blowing_face: :slight_smile: :wind_blowing_face: :upside_down: :wind_blowing_face: :slight_smile: :wind_blowing_face: :upside_down:


Came home this arvo to find a panel missing from my greenhouse :angry:
The door had been left open and a large gust had popped it out (I suspect one of Jim’s farts). Having found the panel in the rear hedge, I replaced in and secured it with Gaffer tape :sunglasses:


Sounds like the Oompa-Loompa who built it is due his P45…




Too much hair :rage:



You’ve grown the beard in then? Looks like you’ve lost a bit of weight too.


Thought it was Jim in black and white…


Nice morning for cutting the grass


can you pop round and have a go at mine?


Will sling mower in back of car today,will probably be Thursday night.

You need astroturf