The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


Don’t forget the weed and feed.


Isn’t that the dog’s job? Literally…


Sadly we can’t get away with these kinds of lies any longer, however much we photoshop the pictures.

People have been down to Devon now, some a couple of times. They know we don’t get any sunshine.


In all seriousness Kent looks positively brown compared to Devon. I guess that’s why the cream is sooo good!


Devon is all astroturf & fake trees. It cost a fortune but is worth it for the tourists that can be fleeced when they visit.


I think that Astroturf should come in shades of green.
Very wet summer green
a bit dry Khaki and
Drought tan.

Much more realistic.


And different lengths:

Eden Gardens
Cardiff Arms Park
We can let the sheep in now and
Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it when it’s had a couple of days without rain …



Astroturf watch


Needs a jet wash…


The bamboo is getting out of control,saw a couple of pandas eyeing it up yesterday


I could swear it’s growing :thinking:


Needs a brush


Looks longer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think this chap has been following the thread and has been inspired.
He’ll be getting an Astra next.


Needs a bit dogshit on it to get the ‘true’ look of quality


And don’t forget the yellow patches where the dog / cat fox / badger pisses


You have cat foxes? :cold_sweat:


Very rare these days, but we have a small family of them living at the back of Pogle’s Wood


Can you feed them coffee beans like they do in Indonesia & then sell them to Jim (once they’ve passed & are on the Astroturf) for some ludicrous price?


For the right price, of course.