The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


I thought they were fictional animals concocted by your cat. You know, when you corner it and accuse it of pissing on your lawn and it says “Noooooo, wasn’t me. Must’ve been a ‘cat fox’. Looks like a cat but is really a type of fox. Easy mistake to make when you’re angry. Tearing to pieces by packs of hounds is too good for them if you ask me …”. Liar.



Good god! No, they are not fictional at all.



Quick harvest just now


I have been eating courgettes in various forms every day for 6 weeks now. The production rate shows no sign of slowing. It’s reaching the point where we are now making pickles and chutneys with them.
Greenhouse full of tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, Scotch Bonnets, Prik Kee Noo and Habaneros.
Cavolo Nero all gone.


Not usually into Spanish guitar music,but love there early stuff :thumbsup:


I’m just about to try preserving some courgettes in oil. I figure if I brown them in a pan first the let them cool first I can jar them with oil and some garlic cloves. Mrs CC doesn’t like courgettes so more for me! Beans will be frozen, although I may try salting some as a friend does. Toms get munched :thumbsup:


Courgettes, meh :rage:


where is the meat?


Planning to plant chillies and broad beans seeds this week - off we go again.


We had six chilli plants in 2017 all grown outside -Very successful crop -Enough for self sufficiency for us.
The photo is part of what we have left


…and flavour.


I grow 10 plants in the greenhouse every year. 2 x Jalapeno, 6 x Cayenne and a couple of oddballs.

I have plenty of each to freeze both red and greens for the year (curries every weekend) and to dry some red Cayennes.

Worth doing out side or on the windowsill if you can.


Just dug up a parsnip for the roast dinner.

Left the middle stalk.


Such a pity there isn’t a programme on telly that would show rude vegetables


Naked Attraction ?


Big Brother/I’m A Celebrity/etc etc


…i’m A Celery. Surely.


^^ Oh…bravo! Braaavo!


I love it when we get a few days when it isn’t pissing it down and I can get a bit of gardening done.

Broad beans and parsnips up. Loads of tomatoes, chillies, brassicas and leeks ready for planting out.

Ready for another battle with slugs, snails, cabbage whites, cats and God.

Bring 'em on!