The crotch rocket thread

I’m liking the look of the 901 Norden.

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Same engine as the KTM 890 I think.

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This is an interesting watch.


Finally own my dream bike
Never thought I’d own one picking it up tomorrow super excited.
Be interesting to compare to my Brutale


Beast! :heart_eyes:


750 or 1000?

Original 2000 750 F4

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I test rode one back when I was trying to decide if there was something I should consider rather than a Ducati.

I preferred the torque of the big twin to the 750 F4 which, for me, needed too many revs to stay in the sweet spot, but then I’m a lazy rider and prefer riding the torque curve.
Beautifully put together though, one of Tamburini’s best, at least the equal of the 916 series.

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Been on the lookout of a totally original unmolested example
for a number of years this week by luck I happened to be in right Place right time.

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Chuffed for you Kev, always a special day when you get your grail.

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Lovely looking bike, congratulations.

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Stunning :heart_eyes: