The crotch rocket thread

I’m liking the look of the 901 Norden.

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Same engine as the KTM 890 I think.

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This is an interesting watch.


Finally own my dream bike
Never thought I’d own one picking it up tomorrow super excited.
Be interesting to compare to my Brutale


Beast! :heart_eyes:


750 or 1000?

Original 2000 750 F4

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I test rode one back when I was trying to decide if there was something I should consider rather than a Ducati.

I preferred the torque of the big twin to the 750 F4 which, for me, needed too many revs to stay in the sweet spot, but then I’m a lazy rider and prefer riding the torque curve.
Beautifully put together though, one of Tamburini’s best, at least the equal of the 916 series.

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Been on the lookout of a totally original unmolested example
for a number of years this week by luck I happened to be in right Place right time.

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Chuffed for you Kev, always a special day when you get your grail.

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Lovely looking bike, congratulations.

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Stunning :heart_eyes:

Insurance have ordered my replacement bike, I’ll be picking it up next week.
I did try to get an upgrade to the 6 days version but they werent having any of that.
So, i get a '24 model to replace my '23, not so keen on colours but happy overall.
I lost a lot of the mods i made, uninsured extras, so I’ll need to start that again.


Seems a smidge pokier than the last one, definite improvement in suspension too.


Are you looking to do similar mods to the last one?

Yea, ill be putting the same nav tower on and building a lightweight adv.

Tracker fitted ?

No, theres really no where to hide one.
Trackers arent so great now you can but a detector off ebay.

Just been reading up about this interesting machine. Anyone here experienced one?


I had the tamer KH400 but the 750 was the one to have.