The electronic music thread



Great video reminder of all those spots music hits you in.


78? Never too late… :+1:


20% off everything from Dubmission Records on Bandcamp until the 24th

use code SNAFU at the checkout.

If you’ve been bombarded by e-mails from them for the last few days, this is to make up for the aforementioned SNAFU.

My personal favourite from their recent output is this one

but this is also an excellent introducer


^ The glitching of a coupon for the few leads to a discount for the many. Excellent, I’ll check out those recommendations.

Psilosamples (Brazil) catching my ears again.


For those who like physical media instead of downloads (as I hear young @Jim does), the CDs are under “merch”

I don’t think they’re big into vinyl though.


Only one on the entire site! (and that’s an EP)



50% off all Warp downloads.


Totally un-googleable but this cropped up on Spotify and I like it



He should fit right in here then.


I searched Google for the image and got a few things but saw vinyl on that one. I’ve only just started doing this and it’s quite good.

Giving it a listen now.


Ott Skylon on vinyl.

@Jim you might like this.

If memory serves I think @Nick_Dartmoor features on (at least) track 2. (prepares to get shot down in flames)


Ha, thanks for the name-check! I do indeed feature on the second track :slight_smile:



First album from Underfelt, a more dubstep orientated side project of Comaduster (ex-Tympanik) @Nick_Dartmoor


Ahh yes thanks for the reminder! I had noticed that the other day, but then forgot to grab it. Should be amazing!


superb album from this band , played about 10 times so far this year


If you like this kind of vibe, check out Koan, if you don’t know them. I’d start with Argonautica. And When The Silence is Speaking.