The end of diesel cars is coming soon!


Bollox… Oh well, i’ll make the next one a V8 petrol …


If not, the Bugatti Veyron has a W16 engine.


VW Nardo W12 concept from 2001…


What’s the beauty at the back? An FSO? Proton? It’s so lovely I think it might tempt Stu away from the mighty Astra.


The two cars in front couldn’t do that, let alone the other one!


It’s not modern diesels that are the problem in London, it’s the black cabs and buses pumping out the shit.

But of course they won’t ban them because replacing all the old polluting bus stock would cost TFL a fortune and the cabbies would just protest by bringing the place to a grinding halt…



Actually, it is - modern diesels have the dpf, which converts particulates to NOx pollution. The old buses just churn out black smoke instead!


I haven’t taken any car into London since the congestion charge was introduced.




Yep, that’s the one. The Scirocco had an engine in the front and one in the boot, transverse and each with it’s own gearbox and a complicated linkage to only have one gearstick. It was featured in a couple of articles in Cars and Car Conversions which was a fantastic magazine back in the day!


The VW Phaeton also uses the the 6.0 W12 engine


So which is worse, breathing in soot particles or Nox?


I would guess that soot particles are bigger and get stopped by nasal hairs etc whereas Nox is finer and goes right into the lungs.

Used to hate living in London as I was constantly blowing black soot crap out of my nose, brake dust on the underground was even worse.


They’re both shit, hence fuck diesel


Tests have been done due to staff exposure. 85% of the black shit on the Tube is dead skin cells.


Excellent,i must of snorted around 30 people on the tubes in the 70s and 80 totally unaware.

Know wonder i have a large belly.


On the bright side, that taste that it leaves in your mouth ? It could be minge :weary:


I would imagine noise assessments are necessary…

The trains coming in to the Central Line platforms at Bank are absolutely deafening…


It is about time you stopped killing all those people. I shall write a letter of outrage!


I am sure that a significant amount of noise monitoring has been conducted.

Exposure times for passengers are pretty low - More damage is certainly being done by those wearing too loud headphones.