The eyes have it

Which colours do you see?

  • Pink & White
  • Grey & Teal

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Off to an 80’s fancy dress party?

PS - where’s the poll option for either is fucking hideous?

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I clicked on the other colour to see a photo and it just registered my vote without confirmation.

I demand a recount.

Oh, and… gopping

Grey is a good colour for a man of a certain age.
But the fecking laces… :confused:

I forgot that you cunts live under rocks. :man_facepalming:

They’re not my trainers, nor am I looking to buy a pair.

This same colour confusion cropped up a few years ago. That time it was your dress :smirk:

Oh yea

Grey and green blue totally

Mostly green if I tell the truth (I have shit sensitivity to blue apparently) but otherwise it’s got to be grey and teal.

Sort that lacing pattern out, my OCD is in chaos at this end.

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This is what I see too, but I was using the descriptions generally being bandied about - a dangerous thing to do for this test!

Oh, pink, with pale green rubber elements.

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I see grey and teal because the camera saw grey and teal and there’s nothing wrong with my monitor or my eyes (well, not that wrong). The shoes are, apparently, pink and white. But the light in which they were photographed was coloured and the camera colour quality was poor. Drive your car after dark to somewhere lit by low-pressure sodium street lamps. Get out and look at it. What colour is it ? Is it brown (and a Volvo) ? If not, why not ?



Are you in my wardrobe?


4 people (currently) say Nein.

No, it’s actually me in your wardrobe.

Mobile reception is shit in here.


Who the fuck knows what colour Teal is anyway? Down with this sort of thing or we’ll be discussing whether your valves present a burnt orange glow in a darkened room.

Whatever next? Do you prefer the end of you pimples to harden to a traditional chartreuse colour or are you a modern chartreuse man?


I deliberately lied because it seemed an amusing thing to do.

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And, both

I’m colourblind.

52% of people voted for Brexit.

How many just hit the wrong button ? How many are trolling ? How many are looking at this on their phones. While on their third Doombar ?