The Football


We’re trying to manage the timings for dinner - Rib-eye steak (medium, to cook out the fat) chips, onion rings, mushrooms and red wine. Followed by home grown raspberry’s and Strawberry’s with cream.

The main course needs to be on the table at half time and somehow allow for extra time.

Do we aim for pudding at full time, extra time or after penalties?

And fucking Southgate thinks he’s under pressure!

Anyway, janbalds out in the kitchen watching tennis so I’m sure it will work out ok






Won’t be extra time - game is as good as over now.


How did Kane not score? It wasn’t offside.


You can cook the whole of the main course in the 15 minute half time break





Why didn’t Lingard smash that


Fxt, hopefully.


how many fucking chances do they need???



I can’t believe this is the same Croatia team from earlier in the tourney - they are rank and I’d be very surprised if they finish with 11 men on the park.


England are rubbish at defending just outside the 18 yrd box in the middle, they just let Croatia have the space.

Looking forward to more pointless Sterling runs.


Very dull, struggling to stay awake.


Could you struggle to post too?


surely that was a yellow card


Where are his yellow cards!?!?


got a nasty feeling this is going to be 1-1


I wish I could.:clown_face: