The Football


Alli has been too slow all night.


Oh well…


Last chance right now


Ref has let himself be conned by Croatia a few times tonight.


Last chance now.


they did very well, if asked i’d taken a semi at the start


Send them on a one way ticket to Siberia - pathetic.


Chin up lads. Honestly, did any of you expect a semi-final appearance going into this World Cup?
GS handling of this still very young team was masterful. Nothing to be ashamed of.


Ah well, they did far better than anyone expected


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


England v Belgium reserves again for 3rd spot.


Hopefully Croatia go on to belt the Frogs on Sunday.


Yes please.:+1:


It’s my fault lads, I wore my 1998 England shirt, I’m so so sorry…


I hope not I’ve got france in the sweepstake at work


Well done England. But they have to pass better in the second half because Croatia are playing poorly but they


Fully deserved by Croatia. England should’ve put this to bed in the first half.


There is only one sweepstake that matters.


How many hours of open play, without a goal?


Loftus-Cheek must have done something to upset the gaffer?