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That should have appeared at half time,forgot to press reply!


^^^ this. The real Croatia turned up as we tired. We will learn from this and it was a good ride.


Haha, I have Croatia in the sweep at work. Not convinced they’ll beat France, though.


Waistcoats 75% off at M&S tomorrow :smirk:


No I suspect France may be too strong


i think the french will have this


My mums side of the family are Austrian, but originally from Croatia(my great, great grandparents iirc) so I’m not in the least bit disappointed… :expressionless:

At least I have a tiny bit of a stake in the final.


We paid heavily for the missed chances in the first half and Croatia upped their game in the second. England were dead on their feet at the end, but full credit to Croatia, they deserved it.

Losing in a semi at the WC is still a great achievement for a team that were expected by most to go out at the first knockout stage. The future under Southgate looks a lot more rosy than it did a month ago.

Not one player will get any blame from me, they all gave it everything and the defeat tonight was just a bridge too far, but by the finest of margins.


Perisic was excellent.


If France go for the jugular they will hump Croatia. Will they do that though with Deschamp calling the shots?


I was impressed by England’s effort in the first period of extra time but ultimately they didn’t create enough scoring opportunities after half time.


No, they’ll play exactly like they did against Belgium. It could be a very dull game.


For a good chunk of the second half and through into ET they looked like men and we looked like boys. Experience showed. But they’re over the hill now and we will get better. It was fun while it lasted and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

France should take Croatia at a stroll. The France-Belgium match was tight because both teams made so few mistakes. Tonight was decided by both teams making mistakes, but they made fewer than we did.





Strangely, I’m not. Everything after the group stage seemed like a bonus to me and I’m happy enough with how far we managed to get.


Moments later I’m over it.

We were totally out played in the second half.

It was a good ride and they are showing some refreshing promise.


Bilic next on ITV.

I like him, but he’d better not gloat. The cunt.


at least my Sunday at Folk by the Oak won’t be interrupted by a football match, and we can get pissed to some nice music


I still like him. He didn’t gloat and, for a bonus point, he made Glenn Twaddle look like the dick he is.


I think we should be very proud of the team and what they have achieved. Southgate had them playing with more confidence and desire than an England team have for many years, if you had told me that we would reach the semi final a month ago I would have laughed.
Unfortunately it was just a step too far.