The Football


Manager was too loyal to Alli and Sterling.


Wrighty and Keano getting it on a bit on TV.

I know who my money would be on :grinning:


Wrighty can look after himself.


Is Keane’s head too big or is it that his shoulders are too narrow?


What makes you think I would have bet on Keane?




Well, I for one am looking forward to all the pissheads rolling down our road for half the night.

Aaaaand, it’s just starting.


The third place game should be abolished IMO.

Two teams, utterly deflated and playing (probably) their second string sides. Who cares?


Not a chance I’ll be watching it. I hope Henderson gets the game off to avoid injury and I hope Trent doesn’t play either, but he probably will because Trippier is fucked.


I’d be pissed off if anyone gets injured in the third place play-off. The PL clubs are back in training. The players could benefit from a break.


Is this a time to mention that my last name probably came from French Hugenot refugees in the C18th?


Is this a time to mention that I live in France…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you saying the French exiled all their less well-endowed chaps ?



Love island is on - Will Alex find love on T’telly?


I suspect Trent will play, but not Hendo (who overall, I’m happy to admit, was probably our player of the tournament (or arguably Pickford) - despite the reservations I had earlier in the tournament)

If you like, but nobody gives a fuck.


Trippier was my England player of the tournament.


I know how Belgium feels now.

Small, depressed and shit.


I might wait to see what Mbappe does to that lumbering Croatian back four before handing out any player of the tournament awards. Trippier was very good, but so was/is Pavard.


Sorry, updated post to avoid confusion :smiley:


There are a lot of contenders.

Kane, Maguire and Stones would also deserve consideration