The Football


That’s the spirit.

Sing while you’re winning



I don’t get it. Must be easy when you do!




I’ve now seen the penalty decision.


Hands up all of those who said VAR would rid the game of wrong decisions. *Hands up all of those who really want it in every game.

*Man Utd fans need not respond


Clear and obvious.



Just reading the stats and United had 28% possession and 0 corners, 4 shots on target.

Passes PSG 691 United 224


They had a corner at the end, didn’t they ?

Either way, how fuckin lucky - never a pen. Nice of Rashford to do something on the night though

I thought Fred was really rather good though - Christ knows what he has to do to get into the team


Be better than Pogba.


Different roles though, Shirley


When players are fit and not banned, we play a 4 3 3 formation. Fred would have to replace Pogba or Herreira as he’s not a winger.


So Pogba, Matic & Herreira ? Is Fred too lightweight to threaten Matic’s gig?


Yes, £52m sub.




Loving the way the Spanish Real Scum press are trying to divert all the blame onto a player who came on as a sub (Bale).

RM scum trying to get Zidane back, why would he? The club has no money (hence the stadium changes not done for the last 4 years), they have to sell players to buy and are losing £60m a season due to wages and bonuses.

The Spanish banks are not keen to lend to them, so they are going outside Spain to try to borrow £370M to start the stadium and buy a player.

They have an aging squad and a lot of disruptive players (at the moment). One of their best players Isco wants out and Bale is being messed about and is 30 soon.


My MotM last night was Smalling, probably the best match he has had for us, he covered almost everything.

I think Bailly is toast as a right back, he will stay and be sub centre half. First choice centre halves are Lindelof (who is unrecogniseable to the player at the start of the season) and Smalling. We still need another right back, right winger and cover for Herreira.

Will be interesting if we can offload Sanchez in the summer.

If Rojo and Jones leave, we’ll need another centre half.


Lindelof looked very good for Sweden at the last WC & I kept wondering why we hadn’t seen any of that at Utd. Obviously to do with Jose’s ‘special’ motivational techniques.


I would like us to use Chong and Mason Greenwood in the first team more, they both look quality. Greenwood especially, 17 and the lad plays like a 25 year old. He is going to be a real star and we need to keep him.


I just assumed Chong was brought on with instructions to give the ball away



I think it was a penalty, he ran a jumped in the way to block the shot, turned his back and it hit his arm…