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Partisanship aside, I always try to put the boot on the other foot and think “Would I be upset if this had been awarded against my team”.

I’d be absolutely livid.


Penny for Jose’s thoughts this morning



I find the butthurt hilarious. The BBC has PSG’s manager saying that it shouldn’t be a penalty as the shot was not going in. Does he even understand the rules?

For me it just shows that football needs to introduce clearer rules, with video examples as guidance, and it needs to opine on VAR decisions afterwards with reference to these rules. The NFL does this, they release videos on Twitter with commentary as to the basis for the decision. When the stakes are as high as they are, the refereeing needs to be more accountable.


Neymar said that it hit the players back - That’s un-true also.
It hit his arm for sure. Apparently also I read that the PSG manager said it was 50/50.

I am no MU fan - but I think he made himself larger by spreading his arms out and so not accidental because he could have jumped arms inward.


Yeah that’s basically my view. He didn’t deliberately handle it, but leaving his hand there was deliberate.


You do see defenders facing strikers and they do deliberately put their arms behind their backs exactly so that they don’t concede such a penalty.


Never did that in the old days so what’s changed?


Canny start for Arsenal


UEFA to investigate City for FFP violations :scream:




The Arse just can’t defend.


Being down to 10 men can’t help


That’s some free kick by Willian


Good result for the Blues and hopefully we will win at their place.


If a more ex-player-turned-pundit comment has been written on this thread, I’ve yet to see it

But yeah, good result, Clive.


I’d forgotten all about this


I have to play safe here Craig to many people get really upset. But I knew someone would pick up on it. Lol.


Let me just consult my crystal ball

Spolier: Nothing will happen.


They’ll certainly have fancy enough lawyers to kick it into the long grass for ever & a day.