The Football


Yeah, Colin Wanker, he’s great isn’t he :roll_eyes:


We’re there tomorrow, just the sort of game where we get turned over .:+1:


Yeah Villa are the same, a gift to every team trying to break a shit run of form!


It’s some game to be in, this football manager lark. Days after being sacked by Fulham and the inevitable compensation package, he gets another top job.

Doesn’t seem to matter how successful or not you have been, the jobs still seem to materialise.


Oh I don’t know. At least they didn’t hire Pardew or Fat Sam.

Claudio has actually won something.


Granted, but when you have been sacked by your previous two employers for poor performance how do you get a gig like Roma.

I can’t think of another single industry where failure is rewarded so readily. Unless you count politics as an industry…


The last,


There is a self perpetuating idea that ‘top level experience’ is everything. New blood is only rarely (and usually accidentally) given the chance to earn this experience so teams are locked into a cycle of picking from the same crop of increasingly tired and elderly managers with this hallowed experience regardless of how many times they’ve failed before.

The last person to really arrive in this hallowed circle was Zidane. It’ll be interesting to see if Ole gets to join the cadre too.



On the other hand Spurs :thinking: and this:

Best football tweet in a while…


94th to 101st minutes at Wycombe looked fun



93 mins Flanagan goes off for Sunderland and no more subs, so down to 10 men
94 mins Sunderland equalise
98 mins S down to 9 men, red card
100 mins, Wycome down to 10, red card
101 mins W down to 9 men, red card
103 mins full time 1-1


You don’t get that kind of drama in the PL. :grinning:


Wait till VAR comes in.:slightly_frowning_face:


Game of two halves my son, game of two halves.


Said to my mate after ten minutes of the second half, “if we get one, we will get something out of this game”. Gomez(?) was immense in the first half. Second half you looked to hold 2-0, should’ve kept going for it.





No rift. Total bollocks.



Not mentioned on the original BBC text commentary, but it appears these two were sent off after a brawl on the bench. :roll_eyes: They had both already been subbed.


They are a disgrace mate. Mind you if we scored first when we play them it’d cut out the time wasting