The Football


Waaah! :joy:


Lallana starting.


Are you going?

Presumably Henderson’s being rested for Munich so who would you have preferred? Shaquiri or Keita?

Surely you should win this one at home fairly easily if there are really pretensions to win the title.

I’ve a feeling Utd will come unstuck at Arsenal today.


I’m sat in my seat :). Bit chilly!

Very surprised it’s not Keita. He won’t play Weds and liked like he was getting to the pace of things before picking up an injury. He’s been on the bench the last three games.


How many games has Lallana played recently? Has he been out of sorts when he has played?


Been coming on for the last 20m and doing fuck all.


I’m surprised it’s not Shaquiri. I’ve no doubt this’ll be a bit physical but I’m sure he’d have coped.


He’s not keen on him in the 3 man midfield.


Villa at the Blues scum today, incapable of prediction :grimacing:


Jeez, that must have been a foul


Fucking scum Blues fan running on the pitch and attacking Jack Grealish. What a fucking disgrace!


Even Sky agree with the second bit of your post Wayne. Not good at all. Hopefully a life ban and a prosecution for assault for that particular muppet.


That’s horrible.


Yep. Straight up case of assault I would have thought.


I wonder whether there would have been a case for the manager to take the players off the pitch?

Scumbag is in police custody and hopefully charged with assault. Coward hits him from behind his back as well, applauded off by the scum.


God that’s awful.


God that’s awful.

The bloke is lucky there are stewards. He’d be leaving the field in a bucket if he’d been left to the players.


Just seen it now,can’t believe the players didn’t give him a good hiding


Well, thankfully they didn’t, that wouldn’t have made anything better.


Tammy Abraham looked like he was going to kill the bloke who ran on the pitch. Thankfully nothing came of it.

Dreadful game of football too. Neither team can string three passes together. The wind isn’t helping but neither side is getting men ahead of the ball, so it is a scrum in the midfield.