The impotent & sometimes musical musings of Mr. MWS pt2

The sacred and ethereal flute is often maligned in contemporary pop muzak - Fortunately Ethnohonky types have come to embrace the deep and sexual joy of the ‘pipes,’ one of the oldest instruments known to man.

Nay sayers, ever try charming a king Cobra with your Mac Book synthesizer?

Observe if you will:

Christ, the top 2 had me praying for piranhas.

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Flutes? None more flutey. These will be like Kryptonite for you. Steer clear!

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Why has the bloke in clip 4 got a tea towel on his head?

I think he has realised he has had enough sun.

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Quite liked clip 4 actually…


No, No, this raspy enchantment must not be broken! Bask, bask deeply in wonderment. Pull up a zink bath in your living room and soak in the vibrations. Free yourself from the shackles of aural blinkers. There is joy to be experienced - Come to know it and suckle on liberation’s toe


This is the kind of music to listen to while having a root canal filled without anaesthesia. Perfect to distract from any torment possible as nothing could be more unbearable.

That sounds like fighting talk (or at least a challenge …).

I see your Alghoza and I raise you a Sibelius song

The drummer has had enough by 0:12.


You’re not trying to rekindle the fish jokes are you? I’d r adder do snakes this time instead. :grinning:

is that bloke in clip 1 playing his large hollow bollocks?

Yes. It’s akchurly Buster Gonad.


Sorry Jim, that simply hasn’t got legs.
(Coat/door interface to follow).

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Reminds me of some artwork by The Heads:

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In the private mind garden Bongo girl is just about to suffer the Trojan, Will she survive? Will Stronzetto find some gluey excuse to knacker the tupping?

Tune in next week to find out if a porky middle aged idiot in crisis actually got some in his own imagination.


Funnily enough… Was listening to some Nicole Mitchell recently and I couldn’t help but think how much you’d hate it.

Imagine being sat in the audience. The stuff of nightmares.

New York Flute Club :scream:


More artwork from The Heads for Mr MWS to use for ‘research purposes’.