The Joy of Cigars/Pipes/Shisha/Dried dog turd/whateva

I know there’s a couple of cigar smokers on here. So smoke your current faves or a new discovery and talk about it here.

Today’s indulgence was an Inka Secret Blend - Blue Bombaso Maduro

Short and sweet. Dark (almost black) wrapper, deep and rich with a distinct burnt coffee tone. Probably, more for after dinner than afternoons in the sun but a delicious smoke none the less.

My secret vice

I have a decent lot of Cubans and I’m partial to one while walking the dogs or taking in the sun when it warms up.

Recent highlights are partegas, but they are all good from Havana… though prohibitively expensive unless duty free these days.

I loved cigars but as an ex-smoker I just can’t risk getting hooked again :sleepy:


This :disappointed: and also the yellow is quite enough to be going on with.

I’m also an ex-smoker. But I find that I can dip in and out without consequences. I average 1 per month unless on holiday then it’s 1 a day :sunglasses:

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I sold all mine two years ago. Last time I gave up smoking, cigars were the reason why I started again. Can’t take the same risk again 3 years after giving up

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I used to like them until my wife said I "stank of Jimi Saville".

Not a good look if you have a beard.

An overheard remark ‘he looks like a terrier having a shit’


I used to like them too and at one point I was smoking one a day. I packed it up because it became too much of a habit and also I wasn’t sure I liked the image I was projecting. I was worried that I looked a bit pleased with myself. Having said all that, a good cigar is a real pleasure. I amassed quite a collection at one point because customers used to give me them and also the company I worked for had a PR tie in with Fox and I used to be able to get whatever I wanted, free! My favourites we’re Montecristo no2 (difficult to find a well made one but when you do, holy fuck!) Anything by Cohiba, particularly Siglo IV. Or for a lighter, shorter smoke, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No2. A few times I misjudged the strength of a cigar and was very sick and I soon learnt that I should only smoke a strong one after a good meal! I never got the hang of Partagas, they always give me at least a headache!

Epicure no2 is my go to Cuban, always have a few in the humidor.

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I fucking hate cigars. When I lived​ in Fulham I’d have Sunday afternoon gin with the neighbours on the roof terrace, and at about 9pm he’d go and get a cigar for everyone. I would hate the first puff and feel sick, and each subsequent puff was worse. But you’re on the hook for an hour of hell.

As a cigarette smoker, the problem is that I’d want to inhale (and would every few puffs), and that’s never pleasant.

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If anyone is holidaying in Cuba soon… let me know


Love the smell, but hate the fuckers

Eh, what, are you vaping the cigars then?


I recall a long evening at Kevin Scott’s house which ended with various single malts & a 60 minute cigar.

Redecorated his en-suite for him at some point that night.


Gave up smoking cigarettes 30+ years ago. I tell my doctor exactly how many cigars I smoke and said that I would be classed as a non-smoker. That’s good enough for me.

I don’t inhale. Yep. I’m Bill.

I have them only in warm weather and maybe half a dozen a month max.

I don’t smoke and never will. If I did I’d hurl. Drunken cigars means potential puking

Ha, I only massage the bishop once a week, but I’m still a wanker :+1: