The Joy of Cigars


Today was a bit of a bargain…

Really tasty. A lot richer than I was expecting with some rather pleasant sweet notes.


Some of those reviewers need a good cockpunch mind… ‘hints of expresso’ (sic) … ‘creamy’ .



I does sound wanky if you can’t taste the flavours in question. But like any type of tasting (wine, beer, whisky, food etc.), some can taste very specific flavours.
Are you saying they shouldn’t offer an opinion ?

FWLIW there is definitely a sensation of creaminess with some blends of cigar. Coffee, chocolate etc are also valid descriptions. These flavours can be identified.


Come again??? :confounded:


Seem to remember a pipe tobacco review along the lines of “Smells like coal miners armpit, tastes even better”

I gave that one a pass.


Your point ?


Cum again and wanky?

We are talking about cigars not cock furtling…


Jilly Goolden’s classic, “It smells of wet dog and tastes of over excited rabbit”. This, apparently, was a good thing :rolling_eyes:


I don’t have one. I am a member of the AA and am therefore bulbous. Why are you asking?


No reason :zipper_mouth:


Have you smoked that jism stogey yet? Was it creamy?


You didn’t seem to mind last time :hugging:




Whaddaya want? A review on Tripadvisor? I am too polite to discuss your technique or lack thereof.


Yes. You could call it Sights and Sensations of Oxford. Or Suck It and See.


What about Let’s have 'em around the back of the Jericho Tavern? :mask:


I thought behind a skip was OK but the Jericho Tavern would work as well :no_pedestrians:


Im sure as blowjobs go it was adequate.


steepletone is adequate. A gummy gobble from a South Australian is unlikely to achieve such a review on Tripadvisor. I would have thought refreshingly awful might just capture it.


I’m good and you know it, 2Stroke.